Series 3

The game is on

The international smash hit series is back with three more action-packed adventures with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

The question on everyone’s lips is finally answered as Sherlock returns in three brand new action-packed adventures. How DID he do it? And how will John take the news that his best friend faked his own death?

The Empty Hearse sees John and Sherlock reunited, with a couple of additions in the form of some questionable facial hair and the love of John’s life – Mary Morstan. She’s sensible, quick-witted and not at all taken in by Sherlock’s posturing. With an attack on London imminent, will the boys resolve their issues in time to save Britain?

In The Sign of Three there’s a wedding and all eyes are on Sherlock as best man – until the boys discover the big day is in danger of being overshadowed by a murder.

Finally, in His Last Vow, Sherlock finds himself locked in a battle of minds as the powerful villain Charles Augustus Magnussen holds the world to ransom with the secrets of the rich and powerful at his fingertips. Once again, the game is on for Sherlock and John.



Sherlock Holmes

Played by Benedict Cumberbatch

Brilliant, aloof and almost entirely lacking in social graces, Sherlock is the world's only consulting detective.

He has a mind like a 'racing engine', and without complicated crimes to crack, that mind will tear itself to pieces.

The police grudgingly acknowledge him as their superior because he's good. Genius, in fact.

Dr John Watson

Played by Martin Freeman

Injured in service in Afghanistan, ex army doctor John is brave, resourceful and ever practical – traits that serve him well as Sherlock’s crime-cracking sidekick.

Although often infuriated by Holmes’ cold and detached manner, John is grateful to the great detective for giving him a new lease of life.

Mycroft Holmes

Played by Mark Gatiss

Mycroft is Sherlock's loathsome, uptight and competitive big bro – but there's no real brotherly love, either way.

As a VIP within the British government, he sometimes calls on Sherlock to assist in matters that threaten national security, despite being rather irked by his genius sibling’s unconventional line of work and lifestyle.

Detective Inspector Lestrade

Played by Rupert Graves

Lestrade is Scotland Yard’s best talent, but he knows that Sherlock is way better.

World-weary with a dry sense of humour, he is the only member of the police force who Sherlock has any respect for.

And he's not afraid to risk the ridicule of his colleagues by asking Sherlock to help crack a case.

Mrs Hudson

Played by Una Stubbs

Mrs Hudson is Sherlock and John's landlady... not their housekeeper!

Sherlock won her loyalty after assuring her that her husband was executed for an unknown crime in Florida.

Mrs Hudson takes all of the shenanigans that play out at 221B Baker Street in her stride.

She is very fond of the crime-busting boys, and they love her right back.