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Will he pull off the ultimate catch?

Travelling to incredible locations renowned for their fishing potential, Robson flies thousands of miles across the globe to be in the right place, with the right fishing guides, at exactly the right time.

But even then it's not going to be easy. Thunderstorms, drought, high winds and flash floods all have their part to play, and Robson will have to use every ounce of his fishing know-how, combined with the local guides and legends, if he wants to hook into the ultimate catch.

Fishing for huge predators from the mid-Atlantic, to hunting from a canoe in a lush volcanic crater, sight-casting on mysterious rivers in deep jungles, and learning local techniques from indigenous fishermen; he'll be hunting down migratory giants, netting huge crabs, and free-diving for a shape-shifting octopus.

Having travelled thousands of miles across the globe, and picked his perfect moment, will he be able to pull it off?

Fishy facts

Payaras are most recognisable by their lower-jawed fangs – they have two teeth with which they spear and eat other fish. They're also known as the vampire fish or sabre tooth barracuda for obvious reasons!

The red-bellied piranha is a feared predator, but despite their razor-like teeth, this fish is actually more of a scavenger – their diet largely consists of other fish, insects and plants.

Samoan mud crabs live in mangroves and are cannibalistic – when members of their species moult their shells, other still-shelled crabs often attack and eat them.

Carnivorous pike fish are sought both commercially and for sport. Their torpedo-like bodies and sharp teeth make them a fearsome opponent in the water and they can also resort to cannibalism, eating their own species on occasion.

The wolffish might look fearsome but in fact, they're not particularly dangerous (unless threatened out of water). They don't even eat other fish, feasting mainly on molluscs and crustaceans. Their bad reputation comes from their abundance of teeth, which they have in their throats too.

The Bolivian golden dorado is a freshwater fish, which feeds on smaller forage fish, like sabalo. These fish are aggressive, with powerful jaws and sharp teeth, and are often targeted by fishermen and women due to their fighting qualities.

The red scorpionfish is a venomous, predatory, solitary creature, which feeds on molluscs and crustaceans. A sedentary fish, it hunts at night and lives deep in the ocean.

The wahoo (known as the ono in Hawaii) is a prized game fish found in tropical and subtropical waters. They're fast and large and well-regarded in gourmet circles!


Robson Green's Ultimate Catch S2

Robson Green

Robson Golightly Green was born in Hexham in the county of Northumberland and grew up in a small mining village near Newcastle upon Tyne. His first job after leaving school was as an apprentice draughtsman, but he soon decided that his future lay in acting.

After completing his training at various theatres in the north-east of England, he started to appear on television screens across the country, playing loudmouthed porter Jimmy Powell in the long-running hospital drama Casualty.

This led to him landing the role that really made his name, when he starred in the popular TV drama Soldier Soldier. His turn as Fusilier Dave Tucker meant that he was an on screen regular in Britain for four years, and the part even turned him in to an unlikely pop star. Teamed up with his Soldier Soldier co-star Jerome Flynn, the duo released a cover version of the Righteous Brothers’ classic Unchained Melody, which remained at the top of the UK charts for seven weeks and became the bestselling UK single of 1995.

After leaving Soldier Soldier the same year, Robson set up his own production company and has remained a regular screen presence in numerous television dramas ever since, including Touching Evil, Waterloo Road, Wire in the Blood and Grantchester.

A keen fisherman, Robson has gone from amateur angler to experienced man of the seas after travelling the world to sample the sport in some of the globe’s greatest fishing locations. In Extreme Fishing with Robson Green and its sequel, Robson Green: Extreme Fisherman, he’s landed marlin, sturgeon, shark – you name it and Robson’s probably caught it.

As well as gracing the small screen and becoming an ace angler, Robson has also been awarded an honorary degree from the University of Northumbria and is a lifelong supporter of Newcastle FC.

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