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Episode 1 – Yak Attack


Episode 1 – Yak AttackEpisode 1 – Yak Attack

Former Welsh international rugby player, Richard Parks, is hoping to become the fastest person ever to ski to the South Pole totally unsupported. To train for this epic adventure he’s entering three gruelling challenges. For the first challenge he heads for the mountains of Nepal to take part in the Yak Attack.

Set against one of the most beautiful backdrops, this is the toughest and highest mountain bike race on earth. Richard will battle against blistering heat, extreme cold, near-fatal collisions, sheer drops and extreme altitude on a course that winds 249 miles (400km) across the Himalayas.

To make matters worse, Richard isn’t a competitive mountain biker, yet he’s competing with the world’s top riders. He’s also still getting over injuries from a recent training exercise in Antarctica. The Yak Attack lives up to its name, attacking Richard both physically and mentally. Yet he knows that if he intends to survive his race to the pole in eight months, he must survive the challenge.