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Episode 4 – Azores


Episode 4 – AzoresEpisode 4 – Azores

Robson flies 1,500 miles to the beautiful, sub-tropical jewels of the mid Atlantic: the fish-rich archipelago of the Azores. He’s on an island-hopping odyssey, in search of a deep-sea monster. But before he tests his strongest rod and line, he’s starting off the remote coast of Flores, the most westerly point in Europe – fishing boats don’t go here, and the fish grow big. With a couple of local experts, he’s aiming to land the largest amberjack he’s ever caught.

Then he’s off to a different island in the chain, Sao Miguel, where he’s hunting huge pike in a crater lake of a stratovolcano. Off Pico, he’ll learn from local experts how to catch skipjack tuna using an ancient and sustainable bamboo pole technique, before heading to Faial where he’ll plumb the depths for the venomous red scorpionfish.

But his ultimate catch is still out there; this is the right time and he’s in the right place to catch a migratory giant. On his last day he’s heading out to the Azores Bank in search of huge fish. Will he succeed?