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Episode 2 – Hawaii


Episode 2 – HawaiiEpisode 2 – Hawaii

Robson flies thousands of miles into the middle of the Pacific Ocean to find the unknown, off-the-beaten-track Hawaii. Starting on the small island of Maui, he’ll free-dive with local experts for a shape-shifting octopus; then moving to the lush Kauai, he’ll pursue a freshwater assassin, the peacock bass; he’ll also learn how to catch and cook the delicious but fearsome Samoan mud crab.

Travelling to the Big Island, Hawaii, Robson immerses himself in the culture of a traditional fishing village to catch hundreds of opelu, using a local technique and bait made from fruit and vegetables. But it all comes to a climax when he sets out for the deep volcanic trenches off the Kona coast to find his ultimate catch: the elusive sea comet, the ono, or wahoo. But will he succeed?