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BBC Player allows you to stream or download the very best programmes from the BBC anytime, anywhere, as part of your pay TV subscription package.

Enjoy ground-breaking dramas, immersive documentaries, quirky comedies, award-winning children’s titles, and more!

Access BBC Player online or download the app on your mobile phone, tablet, and smart TV today.

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In order to enjoy the programmes on BBC Player, you need to be a StarHub BBC subscriber with StarHub TV Go Value Added Service.

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How to get BBC Player in Malaysia

unifi broadband subscribers can now access BBC Player for free for 30 days. Simply sign in while connected to your unifi network to start the 30-day free trial. Thereafter, subscription is priced at RM10 a month.

Existing unifi TV Ultimate pack subscribers will continue to have access to BBC Player.

Get started by accessing or opening your BBC Player app while connected to your unifi broadband. This will ensure you are authenticated to use the BBC Player for free. This is a one-time authentication.

If you need help with signing in or have other questions, please visit the unifi website.

If you would like to sign up for the unifi Ultimate Pack, call 100 or please visit the unifi website.