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Have they got the tackle for it?

Three fishing fanatics embark on the ultimate extreme fishing trip across the globe in this exciting and entertaining new series.

Our trio have their skills put to the test as the creatures they’re after are anything but easy to catch. From attracting great white sharks in South Africa with a live performance from a rock band out at sea to creating ingenious bear evasion strategies to fish for salmon in Canada, they’ll go the extra mile to get up close to some incredible marine life.

The series is packed with adrenaline-fuelled fishing antics, camaraderie, comedy moments and a healthy dose of friendly rivalry – not to mention some stunning locations in beautiful parts of the world.

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Episode 1, Series 1

Tuesday January 9 at 3:00am


A maverick fishing crew take on ten adrenaline-filled fishing trips around the world. Their first stop is Kenya. 1/10

Episode 2, Series 1

Wednesday January 10 at 3:05am

British Columbia

In British Columbia, our trio must work out how to catch a Coho Salmon without becoming a grizzly's dinner. 2/10

Episode 3, Series 1

Thursday January 11 at 3:00am


The guys head to the turquoise waters of The Bahamas and try to catch venomous Lionfish without being stung. 3/10

Episode 4, Series 1

Friday January 12 at 3:20am


The trio head to Thailand, where they join an ancient nomadic tribe called the Sea Gypsies who help them catch a dangerous giant moray eel - by freediving with just a spear. 4/10

Episode 5, Series 1

Saturday January 13 at 3:20am


The team head to the icy, barren mountains of Patagonia in search of a deep-sea delicacy, the Patagonian Toothfish, which sells for $100 per kilo in the fish markets of North America…

Episode 6, Series 1

Tuesday January 16 at 3:00am


The lads travel to Laos in search of the terrifyingly huge Devil catfish, but the dangerous journey involves eerie caves, raging rapids and evil underworld spirits that lurk in the…

Episode 7, Series 1

Wednesday January 17 at 3:10am

South Africa

The boys join a team of scientists hoping to catch and tag some sharks in South Africa, but in order to lure these legendary predators close enough, Blowfish attempts to attract them…

Episode 8, Series 1

Thursday January 18 at 3:00am


The team have been tasked with catching Ling from the WWI and WWII wrecks of Scapa Flow in Scotland, but as it's so cold the fish will be tucked into the wrecked ships and they'll need…

Episode 9, Series 1

Friday January 19 at 3:25am


The team journey up the coast of Norway and brave sub-zero temperatures as they meet the native Sami tribesmen for some ice fishing before taking a dog sled to their final location…

Episode 10, Series 1

Saturday January 20 at 3:15am


In the wilderness of Northern Peru, the boys find themselves battling rough seas and desert landscapes in their quest to find a Humboldt Squid. Blowfish wants to catch one by hand to…

Episode 1, Series 2

Tuesday January 23 at 3:00am


Starting in Bali, the boys discover the best place to catch Giant Trevally is on Komodo Island, which is also home to 4000 deadly Komodo Dragons. 1/7

Episode 2, Series 2

Wednesday January 24 at 3:10am


The boys head to Iceland on a mission to catch the fearsome Atlantic Wolfish; a terrifying-looking, deep sea monster that keeps the entire marine ecosystem from collapsing. 2/7

Episode 3, Series 2

Thursday January 25 at 3:00am


The boys head to the wilds of Zambia in a quest to catch Zambia's iconic Tigerfish, and their journey takes them down some of the most dangerous stretches of river in the world. 3/7

Episode 4, Series 2

Friday January 26 at 3:20am


Jay re-lives his Commando past and enlists the help of the Air Force, the Navy and an antique bit of Army in Portugal. This is no ordinary fishing trip: this is Operation Sea Bass.…

Episode 5, Series 2

Saturday January 27 at 3:20am


The boys must venture deep into the Nepalese wilderness and adopt a zen-like state of consciousness in order to catch Charlie's dream fish; the Golden Mahseer. 5/7

Episode 6, Series 2

Tuesday January 30 at 3:00am


The team take part in a free-diving challenge and huge face tiger sharks in Mozambique as they attempt to spear a fiercely powerful dogtooth tuna in the Indian Ocean. 6/7

Episode 7, Series 2

Wednesday January 31 at 3:10am


Blowfish's mission to catch, tag and release a beautiful and elegant Blue Shark for scientific research sees the team head to the United Kingdom's stunning Cornish coast. 7/7

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