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Musketeers - D'Artagnan


Played by Luke Pasqualino

Born Luca Giuseppe Pasqualino in Cambridgeshire in 1990 to parents of Italian descent, Luke attended local drama classes as a child. His father is a hairdresser, and the young Luke modelled for his hair salon before getting his big break on television.

After coming to the public’s attention in the E4 teen drama series Skins in 2008, Luke made his Hollywood film debut four years later in the supernatural horror The Apparition. He has since gone on to star in the werewolf-themed film Love Bite and such TV hits as The Borgias and Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome.

Ironically, Luke was a massive fan of the kids’ cartoon series Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds when he was a child.

Musketeers - Porthos


Played by Howard Charles

After honing his craft at Kingston College and the Drama Centre London, Howard made his professional name with starring roles in Royal Shakespeare Company productions of both The Merchant of Venice and Macbeth.

He has also starred in Nathaniel Martello-White’s play Blackta at the world-famous Old Vic theatre, and graced the silver screen in Norbert ter Hall’s 2013 romantic film &Me.

Howard’s other TV credits include appearing in Jonathan Harvey’s Beautiful People and the supernatural comedy-drama series Switch.

Musketeers - Athos


Played by Tom Burke

Tom Burke was born into an acting family in London and attended the National Youth Theatre before taking up a place at RADA. He started to work regularly on British television immediately after graduating, with his first role of note starring alongside Bill Nighy and James McAvoy in the BBC political thriller State of Play.

In 2004, Tom made his big screen debut co-starring with Johnny Depp in film The Libertine. He has since appeared in the films Third Star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, and The Invisible Woman alongside Ralph Fiennes.

Movie blockbusters aside, Tom has also appeared on stage at such world-famous venues as London’s Shakespeare’s Globe and The Old Vic. In 2008, his portrayal of Adolph in Strindberg's Creditors at London’s Donmar Warehouse scooped him the respected Ian Charleston Award for the best classical stage performance in Britain by an actor under the age of 30.

Tom’s godfather is British actor Alan Rickman, renowned for his portrayal of the villainous Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series of films.

Musketeers - Aramis


Played by Santiago Cabrera

Born in Venezuela in 1978 to Chilean parents, Santiago Cabrera spent his childhood living in various countries around the world, including England, Canada, Romania and Spain. By the age of 15, he had returned with his family to Chile and started out on the road to becoming a professional thespian after a school teacher suggested that he try his hand at acting. Three years at drama college in London followed, with Santiago making his TV debut in his final year.

After further parts on screen and on stage, including a stint treading the boards as Othello, his big break came when he was cast as the heroin-addicted Isaac Mendez in the NBC television series Heroes. His role as the future-painting superhuman brought him international fame and was instrumental in him being cast as the iconic Cuban revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos in Steven Soderbergh’s 2006 film Che.

In addition to his acting prowess, Santiago has always been a keen sportsman, excelling in football and athletics. In 2008, he participated in the charity event Soccer Aid at Wembley Stadium in London aid of UNICEF.

The Musketeers

Bill Sikes

Played by Mark Stanley

Violent, strong and feared by all who meet him.

There’s only one person in the world who could possibly tame Bill and that’s Nancy, but to get her he’ll have to get past Fagin first.


Bob Cratchit

Played by Robert Wilfort

It’s a constant struggle for Bob to make ends meet and feed the many mouths in his family.

A miserly employer and a sick son doesn't help his situation, but Bob sees the best in everyone and everything. He has his wife, his children and a roof over his head and who’d want more than that?



Played by Wilson Radjou-Pujalte

Cocksure and confident, Dodger is Fagin’s right-hand man.

Whether dealing with Bill Sikes or Inspector Bucket, Dodger is absolutely fearless and loyal to the last – but will Fagin repay that loyalty?



Played by Anton Lesser

Fagin is a pragmatist and a survivor, and is always one step away from a crime.

Inspector Bucket would love to bring him down – a fact Fagin knows and rather enjoys.


Honoria Barbary

Played by Sophie Rundle

Honoria dances through life. She loves and is loved by a handsome captain, and she is her father’s favourite.

But when the family face financial ruin, Honoria must decide whether to follow her heart or her duty.


Inspector Bucket

Played by Stephen Rea

Inspector Bucket is the first detective.

Using logic, reason and the unusual techniques of his colleague Mr Venus, he’s on the hunt for Jacob Marley’s killer – and there’s no crime he can’t solve.


Jacob Marley

Played by Peter Firth

The more brutal half of the Scrooge and Marley partnership, Jacob Marley bullies and alienates the people around him – giving everyone a motive for his murder.


Mrs Bumble

Played by Caroline Quentin

Mrs Bumble believes she deserves a better position in life and she’s not going to let her lazy, lacking-in-ambition husband get in the way.


Mrs Gamp

Played by Pauline Collins

Mrs Gamp is a sometimes nurse and midwife, who is happy to cure anyone for the price of a gin or two.

Her favourite patient is Silas Wegg, who conveniently runs the Three Cripples Pub.


Miss Haversham

Played by Tuppence Middleton

When Amelia Havisham inherits everything in her father’s will, she dedicates her life to running his business.

Nothing and no one will turn her away from her duty, that is until she meets Meriwether Compeyson.



Played by Bethany Muir

Nancy is a kind-hearted prostitute with a strong conscience.

Fagin’s been the closest thing to a father Nancy’s ever had, but that doesn't stop him sending her out to any man willing to pay the price. Bill is determined to take Nancy away from that world, but will belonging to one man be any better than belonging to another?

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